More About Us

In her early years as an agent, Trudy knew she needed a way to stand out and really market
herself, so it all began with her single tagline, Ramos the Realtor.

Trudy Sellars-Ramos came into the Real Estate Industry in 2005 with locally owned and
operated Beverly Sanders Realty. Learning from the ground up in this exciting profession, gave
Trudy a better understanding of what it took to have a successful and lasting career in this fast
and ever changing environment.

Trudy had the amazing opportunity to work with a few of the best local companies before
receiving her brokers license and opening her own company, Ramos Realty. Trudy found her
forever home with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wine Country Group in 2019, moved
by the personal value they provided, and the core values they expressed through their business.

During 2020 after being raised in the business, Trudy’s son Cameron Ramos decided to join his
mother, and together they created the Ramos & Ramos Real Estate Team! Since its conception,
their team (as well as each of them individually) has been the recipient of many awards
including, Cameron’s 2020 “Rookie of the year”, and Trudy’s 2019 “Company Contributor”
award. They have also consistently maintained a spot on their companies Quarterly Top
Producer List since 2019.

Long before Cameron became an agent his love for the community and work ethic were
apparent. He held multiple jobs with local businesses, which included managing restaurants and
Summer Safari Day Camp. He also volunteered his time and continues to do so on local
non-profit boards. “I’ve grown up in Ukiah and know that Northern California is forever my
home. I want to make it possible for other young professionals to also stay and enjoy the unique
lifestyle our communities offer, grow their families or themselves and thrive,” shared Cameron

“For me it’s all about family, whether it be mine or our client’s,” says Trudy Sellars-Ramos.
“Cameron brings a fresh perspective to the business and I can’t wait to see where he goes!”. With
that being said, they’ve found another way to express their deepest core belief with their motto,
“Let Our Family Guide Your Family Home.”

Ramos & Ramos, with Better Homes and Gardens has an impressive portfolio made up of
first-time home buyers, those looking to upgrade or down-size, and real estate investors. Both
Trudy and Cameron welcome new clients throughout Northern California. For more information
please call (707) 367-6097 for Trudy Sellars- Ramos or (707) 671-6761 for Cameron Ramos and
“like” them on Facebook at Ramos & Ramos Real Estate Team.